Sunday, February 21, 2010


I FINALLY caught some smiles on camera! You may be wondering what brought him all this joy....his bumble bee mobile! It is so great- at least 30 minutes of fun activity for him!

I first found out he loves mobiles on our visit to my cousin's house:

My cousin, Lindsay, had a baby 2 months after I had Hawks. His name is Garret and he is so cute! They live in Sylva, and came for a visit the other day. The babies really hit is off- I think they will be great friends as they grow up! Here are some pictures of their visit...
by the way: I have no idea why this part is underlined....I can't seem to change it :)

Our family loves babies, if you couldn't tell!

Lastly, here are the most recent pictures of Judah....not quite as fond of the camera as he once was. Oh well, hopefully it is just another one of those "stages" that kids go through!

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