Saturday, March 21, 2009


Judah and I finally made it to the Big City!! I have been wanting to come back to visit for a long time now, and finally got the opportunity...well more like made the opportunity. Judah can fly free until he is 2- which happens March 23rd, so we had to hurry. Thankfully my mom came with us-- I don't know if I would have survived the drive to Charlotte, the 2 hour flight, and the crazy taxi ride into the city without her.
The first day of spring was Friday, and we welcomed it in with SNOW?!?! plans of going to the Central Park zoo had to be modified. Anyways, we sacrificed and made ourselves go SHOPPING :) We spent the day at Macy's, H&M (my favorite), and fifth avenue of course! Of course, Judah was the only one that ended up with a new wardrobe (what is up with that? )
Then we ended the day eating at Carmine's ( a family style italian restaurant) and going to Judah's favorite stores-- FAO Schwartz and Toys-R-Us.


Melanie said...

That is so fun! And Judah got to go too!

Annie Singletary said...

that is awesome that you guys made that trip happen. what fun to go with your mom and judah. looks like you guys had a great trip.