Sunday, January 4, 2009


......wait it's only January, never mind.

We took advantage of the warm weather today by going to feed the ducks at Lake Julian. This is one of Judah's favorite activities by far. In fact, most days he just walks around saying ducks..quack..quack..and on and on. It is also pretty relaxing for us as well, as long as we keep a hold on Judah's hand so he doesn't go head into the dirty, murky water!

And yes, we did learn that ducks and geese actually like tacos- go figure. I don't have much to say about that, but you can tell what I had left in my cabinets :)


taraletitia said...

cute sweater....hope you can keep up the posts in this new year!! judah breaks my heart....aunt "Ta"

Annie Singletary said...

we must go feed those ducks with you and you must come feed our ducks at Lake Tomahawk with us. This MUST happen soon.